Sunday, December 23, 2012

A difficult time

  I've struggled with whether or not to write this post.  Things in household are not good right now, and finding the spirit of Christmas is difficult to say the least.

   As some of you I've emailed with know, we are facing a major challenge in my family, and I've had to take a step back from blogging & from commitments I've made.

   You see, a few weeks ago, my youngest brother was diagnosed with lung cancer and has had to move in with my husband and I so we can care for him. We are on what we lovingly call "The Cancer Merry-go-Round", and his first radiation treatment was last Thursday with another to follow Friday. With the major storm we had hit, we couldn't make Friday's appointment, but we are on our way in the morning (if the road conditions improve enough to drive the hour there!) for treatment #2.

   His cancer is Stage IV non-small cell squamous lung cancer, and is inoperable. Chemotherapy is not an option either, as his cancer is too far advanced, and he is too frail to undergo the treatment. Radiation is only palliative; there is no cure--only the hope we can make it easier for him to breathe.

   We are all very surprised we've made it until Christmas, and God willing, he will see in the New Year.

    Before anyone asks, does it really matter whether or not he was a smoker? He is dying of lung cancer,,,period. What came before does not matter; the only thing that matters right now, is making him as comfortable as possible in his last days/weeks.

    My friend, Hayley, at Mrs. Pickles Garden, is going through this nasty journey with her father right now, and while it's comforting to be able to commiserate with someone travelling the same road in our Canadian medical system--which is the greatest and the worst in the world all at the same time; although I wouldn't wish my worst enemy this journey.

   So,,I'll update when I can, blog when I can, and hopefully my weeping sewing machine will have some company (ME) over the next 2 weeks while my husband is on Christmas holidays (some holiday) and is easing my burden.



  1. I'm so sorry to hear that. Cancer is never easy, but when you know there's nothing you can do but make someone comfortable, it's the worst. I just had a really great guy at work pass away quite suddenly from colon cancer. The whole office was devastated. He and his family made the decision to put him into hospice and let him go in peace after they realized that treatment wasn't working.

    My mother-in-law is currently going through the last stages of chemotherapy and she's luckily going to make it, but the "big C" is just never easy regardless. My grandfather passed away from lung cancer several years ago. So my heart goes out to you. I hope you get as many more great moments with your brother as possible.

  2. It sounds like you've had a tremendously hard last couple months. I would be devastated if either of my siblings were going through what your brother is, but I would also want to be there with them through every moment of it just like you. I am wishing you lots of peace and love this holiday season, for both you and your family.

  3. As you know I struggled with posting about this too. However now that it is out there I do feel better and the support that I have received from special blogging buddies like you is a great comfort!I hope that this post does the same for you :) I also hope you, your brother and your family are able to find strength in our prayers. Wishing you the best possible Christmas! (((HUGS)))

  4. I'm so sorry you're dealing with this, but thank you for sharing. There are many of us who have friends and family facing cancer who need encouragement from others to make it through each day. Your brother-in-law is very lucky to have you and your husband to take care of him as there are so many who suffer the big "C" alone. I hope the treatment helps him breathe better and your family has some peace during this difficult time. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  5. Hi Mary, My heart is so sad to hear about your brother. I have a friend who has stage 4 lung cancer too. A group of us from our church clean her house every week. Last week we had a hen party for her. We did facials, put on false eyelashes, painted nails, etc. We did a lot of laughing and she did too. While we have her here, we're going to try to help her enjoy her life as much as possible, as long as she's up to it. Her household is so sad as you can imagine.
    My thoughts will be with you during this hard time. I hope your family is able to make this a very special Christmas. God bless you Mary Mahoo! (p.s. Did you get your blog hop prize yet ?)

  6. I am so sorry to hear about your brother. This must have been a very difficult post for you to write. I lost both of my parents to this nightmare and care for cancer patients on a daily basis. You and your husband are wonderful and loving people to take on this responsibility. I see to many family's who put their grief and anger over this disease ahead of their family members need to remain wrapped in their love, and just stick them in a nursing facility, and drop by less and less as the weeks go by. God bless you and your husband. You will all be in my thoughts and prayers.


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