Saturday, September 1, 2012

I almost made it

I tried to get this posted before September hit,,really I did. Life just got in the way. But it usually does around here.
The last surviving member of my father-in-law's family passed away earlier this month, and it's been tough trying to get back to normal.
Uncle Jim made his living playing piano; in churches, in restaurants, in bars, anywhere he could. He listened to music as a young boy around the radio with the family, and the story goes he sat down at his first piano and played back what he had heard perfectly. Music flowed in his veins and came out his fingertips.
Since he passed, our phone has been ringing with strangers wanting to share their memories of Jim with us. I think there are very few people in this area who don't have a Jimmy story to share. He is and will be greatly missed, but his gift has been passed down to my husband and his two brothers; so he will live on through them and generations to come I hope.
Enough of that, but I wanted to pay tribute in some small way to a great man.
I got another Wiksten tank completed (somehow), this one in a beautiful Liberty Tana Lawn.(no pics yet, but hopefully tomorrow) I followed the same pattern, did everything the same, but this tank is just not right. It gaps at the back and the front and just plain doesn't work. I'm so disappointed--I was so excited to wear it. Oh well, I will figure out how to fix it and try again.
I'm taking part in the Dots on Dots Blog hop hosted by the great Madam Samm at Sew We Quilt and Corrie at Quilt Taffy. I'm excited, and nervous! My date is September 18, so be prepared.
As promised on my last post, a couple of pictures of my first tank. (Be kind!)
OK,,I'll work on that. I thought I had them, but apparently not. Back to the drawing board.


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